A Beginner's Guide | Crochet

What do you need to start your crocheting journey?

If you're a beginner and are wondering what you need to start crocheting, you don't have to look any further as we discuss the absolute essentials required to crochet. You'll also find a few optional items listed which are helpful but not necessities.

1. Yarn

You cannot begin to crochet without any yarn! It's handy to know what you will be making as the size and type of yarn you use is very important. For instance, to make a baby blanket, you would use a thinner yarn than if you were to make a chunky knit blanket.

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2. Crochet hook(s)

Crochet hooks come in different sizes and materials. The different sizes are based on what yarn you will be using.

3. Crochet patterns

You can find crochet patterns from books, online or even youtube tutorials. Once you've decided what you'd like to crochet, crochet patterns will help with the different stitches you need to do. They may also give advice on what kind of yarn to use and the size of the crochet hook required.

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4. Scissors

A pair of scissors is handy for when you need to cut your yarn. A pair of good quality, sharp scissors is ideal as you don't want to be hacking at your yarn too much.

5. Tape measure

Although you can always create by eye and have a bit of fun with your projects, if you're looking for precision, a tape measure is always handy.

6. Hook organiser (optional)

If you invest in a number of different sizes of hooks, it may be convenient to have a hook organiser so you can keep them in order and all in one place.

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7. Stitch markers (optional)

To help you identify your first or last stitch, these are great when you're creating a round pattern.

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8. Row counter (optional)

Finding it difficult to keep track of how many rows or stitches you've crocheted? This counter is useful when you're following a pattern which contains different numbers of stitches or rows.

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9. Basket or box (optional)

Perfect for storing all of your crochet items in one place!

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