Canvas Embroidery

How to embroider a canvas with your own unique design

This is great if you want to create a present for someone or even for yourself. Bring out your creative side with this unique canvas design.

What you need:

- Canvas: size of your choosing

- Paint

- Needle

- Embroidery thread - colours of your choosing

- Scissors

- Your chosen design printed on paper

What to do:

1. Paint your canvas in whatever way you'd like. I chose to paint mine down the centre with the closest shade of brown which matched my thread.

2. Place your design over your canvas and tape down as you do not want it moving around. Poke holes through the canvas, following the design and making sure they are evenly spaced. I centred my coffee cup design where I wanted it and poked my holes through.

3. Remove the paper from the canvas, thread your needle and start embroidering your canvas. The holes are there for you to thread through, making it easy for you to follow the design. I used the white thread on the brown side and the brown thread on the white side. This requires a simple backstitch.

4. At the border of the colours, ensure the colours join up through the same hole.

5. Cut off any excess thread and be proud of your creation!

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